Italian Boy Speaks English “Like a Native” Thanks to Helen Doron!

Not many seven year Italian boys can speak English like a “native.” According to Stefania Arcidiacono, her son Cristian can do just that, attributing his success to attending Helen Doron English language classes in Castel di Lama in Ascoli Piceno province since he was three and a half years old.

“Cristian is naturally very inquisitive and lively and very eager to learn anything that is new,” says Stefania.

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The Earlier You Learn English, the Better

The Vassilevs believe that the earlier you start learning any language the better. They put beliefs into practice by sending their children to Helen Doron classes when they were one year old! A professional couple living in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, the Vassilevs say that there is little English learning … available for very young children in Bulgaria, so sending their 3½ and 5½-year-old girls to the Helen Doron Learning Centre is a huge bonus.

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